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Our Process

We believe that your spaces should inspire you.

We create places that can enrich your life, enliven your community, and ease our impact on the environment. We strive for a clarity of idea, an elegant solution, a purity of expression, and a skilled use of materials to be inherent in all of our work.

Why not live and work in places that are beautifully and thoughtfully designed, that highlight the sunlight that fills our Colorado days, that flow from the inside to the outside and encourage you to take advantage of our amazing climate? Our projects are woven into their sites, with maximum attention to detail and sensitivity to environmental conditions. We blur the boundary between interior and exterior space, and create places that reflect, rather than impact, their environments.

We design modern architecture that honors the history of our neighborhoods, while capturing the contemporary, progressive attitude that makes this an exciting place to live. We create architecture that is alive to the subtleties of place — man-made or natural, to the varied natures of people, to the sensibilities of individuals, to the character of institutions, and to the rich possibilities of materials and the means of construction.

To us, architecture is the conversation between our built spaces and the environment, and at the core of all great architecture is the aspect of sustainability. So in addition to the traditional goals of creating spaces that excel in form, function and delight; our projects also respectfully co-exist with the environment.

Our design process centers upon the investigation of the project and the synthesis of the many factors that need to be considered to create great architecture. By factoring in the needs of the many stakeholders of a project, the responsible use of resources and energy, the fiscal requirements, the project’s schedule, and the other particular demands of a site, we can come to a balance that creates a successful design.

There is, of course, the somewhat intangible results of strong design as well. These include the experiential use of space, an authentic expression of materiality, and the engagement of the senses. A successful design will tease out the full potential and soul of the designed environment, creating a space that intuitively “feels right”.