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The Bottle & The Bowl: combining traditional with modern

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This project is the renewal of an existing 1894 house on a 25 foot wide urban lot, joined by a courtyard to a modern addition.

The initial design decision keeps the material integrity (stone and brick) and pure form of the 1894 house. The found shape was refined into a “bottle for light”. A new skylight vaulted to the interior, allows light to flow into the existing house.  The original thick masonry walls create a protected refuge for the sleeping areas.

The north corridor and stairs connect the existing to the new, from the front entry steps to the rear balcony.  The private courtyard mediates the two volumes providing light to each space.

In juxtaposition to the existing house, the modern addition is designed with a floating roof that lifts at both ends to let light stream in from both the courtyard and the backyard – creating a “bowl of light”.  The west and east walls are both transparent and diaphanous to allow light and space to pass through the living and dining areas and lead guests to the views of downtown from the back balcony and rooftop deck.